"113" is a highly active product with an exclusive formulation.
It develops an action against free radicals and has reactiving properties that make this product suitable to obtain a restoring and strengthening effect on hair. Its ingredients allow a relieving and soothing action just with a single application, thus strengthening the hair external structure and leaving it soft and shiny, preventing the onset of electrostatic charges in order to make hairstyling easier.


This product is particularly indicated whenever an invigorating and extricating action is necessary, and when the scalp needs soothing.
So, the product finds its best application as a strengthener on treated hair.


Restoring / extricating action:
- As 113 formulation is particularly rich and has a high concentration degree, in this case we recommend using it after dilution in lukewarm water (1 part of 113, 3 parts of water). Apply evenly the so obtained emulsion on the scalp and following the hair length by massaging it softly and using a comb; leave on for 2 or 3 minutes then drench with water to rinse and begin the hairstyle.
Relieving action:
- Apply 113 line by line on the scalp, massage softly and emulsify; leave on for about 5 minutes then drench with water to rinse and begin the hairstyle.
The product is self-washing.


- Aqua
- Cetyl Alcohol
- Cetrimonium Chloride
- Helianthus Annus
- Glycreyl Stearate
- Phantenol
- Citric Acid
- C.I. 19140
- C.I. 42190
- Polyquanternium-10
- Arctium Lappa
- Propylparaben
- Sorbic Acid
- Phenoxyethanol
- Undecilenic Acid
- Bha
- Bht
- Parfum
- C.I. 16185
- Propylene Glycol




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