OL - 15 is made of highly softening vegetable oily substances, which wash the hair and the scalp selectively without altering their physiological balance and prevent greasy and dry dandruff from stagnation, promoting its detachment. Along with its purifying action, this product provides a cooling effect mitigating that annoying itch caused by dandruff itself.
OL - 15 particular composition makes its action non-delipiding and gentle, allowing a more frequent use.
Finally, the lipoproteins the product contains aggregate to the hair structure, forming a protective sheath similar to the natural one, ensuring protection and a healthy and vital look.


This product is suitable to eliminate the problem of dry and greasy dandruff, and whenever the scalp itches annoyingly with the onset of rashes and crusts.



Apply evenly the required amount of product on the scalp and massage softly and very carefully by your fingertips.
Leave on for a few minutes then add little water to obtain a homogeneous emulsion; comb and leave on again for 1 minute, then drench with water to rinse. Use OL -15 twice or three times a week.
For a restructuring action, mix equal parts of OL - 15 and 113, and apply such emulsion on the hair (previous washing is not required) lock by lock, then wrap it up by a cellophane film and leave for 5 - 10 minutes, instead of such operation you can use a heat diffuser for the same time. Afterwards add some water and emulsify by massaging the hair and the scalp, the rinse without using any shampoo! (Both products are self-washing)


- Aqua
- Peg-40 hydrogenated castor il
- Lauryl sulfate
- Ethyl linolenate
- Phenoxyyethanol
- Propyln paraben
- Undecylenic acid
- Bht
- Propylene glycol
- Tea
- Ethyl linoleate
- Propylene glycol
- Piroctone olamine
- Sorbic acid
- Bha
- Parfum



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