P3 has a specific function as a pH balancer.
Since its formulation contains Lactic Acid, P3 allows preserving and re-establishing the surface physiological acidity of skin and scalp.


P3 finds its best application as a protective and a preventive factor from rashes, irritations, itch and chapping caused by external agents. The P3 treatment remarkably improves the look or your face and body skin, put under stress by an exposure to atmospherical agents (cold, sun, salt, chemical agents, smog) and it provides instant cooling and well-being sensations. The use of this product is suitable even when the skin normal physiological pH – altered by internal agents (e.g.: perspiration hyperacidity) – needs being re-established.
We advise to apply P3 before bleachings, perms and dyes, in order to balance the skin hydrolipidic layer physiological acidity.


Apply on the areas to be treated by a gentle rub.


- Aqua
- Propylene glycol
- Peg -40 hydrogenated castor oil
- Glycolic acid
- Lactid acid
- Glucose
- Sodium lactate
- Menthol
- Potassium sorbate
- Tetrasodium EDTA
- Peg -7 glyerylcocoate
- Polysorbate 20
- Phantenol
- Sodium PCA
- Urea
- Glycine
- Glucosaminoglycans
- Metylparaben
- Phenoxyethanol
- Parfum



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