Working people's hands are directly exposed to substances that may be harmful. Many people - such as housewives and everyone who must use irritating products, caustic and corrosive raw materials, solvents, delipiding agents and colouring agents, paints, etc., feel the need to protect their hands.
Protecting hands by applying a barrier cream before any work, especially when gloves cannot be used or are not available, is a necessary operation in order to prevent skin external damages. "PROPEEL" Dermoprotective Barrier Cream has been conceived for a complete protection of the hands from the harmful action of aggressive substances or chemical agents as well as from dirt.
Once applied on your hands, this cream creates an "invisible impermeable glove" that stands as a waterproof protective barrier. It is made of harmless and inert ingredients.



This product does not hamper sensitivity while preserving and protecting the skin. Non-toxic formula: food contact is safe. Hypoallergenic. Does not contain any silicone. The barrier is not absorbed. It does not alter any product being processed.


After washing and drying the areas to be protected, smear some "PROPEEL" Dermoprotective Barrier Cream and massage evenly until the skin is dry.
The protective effect will diminish after a few hours, so we advice to repeat the application every four hours in order to keep the protective barrier stable.


- Aqua
- Petrolanum
- Paraffinum liquidum
- Letearylalcohol
- Cethyl
- Cera microcristallina
- Ceteareth-25
- Glycol Stearate
- Peg-2
- Soyamine
- Sorbitan Oleate
- Hydrogenated
- Castor Oil
- Polyvinil Alcohol
- Propylene Glycol
- Phenoxyethanol
- Propyparaben
- Undecylenic Acid
- Sorbic Acid-BHT
- Lactic Acid
- Profumo




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