This product eliminates the blemish of dandruff while cleansing the hair and the scalp in a selective way. It prevents greasy and dry dandruff from restagnation and facilitates the detachment and elimination of dandruff particles. The presence of specific essential oils ensures a strong purifying and deodorant action, and the product successfully diminishes the onset of irritating compounds which cause unpleasant smells as well as an annoying itch and inflammations. Its de-dandruffing action is carried out by "pyrotion" derivates allowing to control and to inhibit the onset of dandruff.
The substances against free radicals slow down hair loss and other blemishes by stimulating the hair natural regrowth.
Non-delipiding formula. sF fluid shampoo may be frequently used since it does not alter the hair and the scalp physiological balance, giving shine, flexibility and lightness and making setting easier.



During the first 4 weeks, do not use the product LESS than twice a week. Afterwards just one weekly application will be appropriate, or follow the professional's advice.


- Ammonium lauril sulfate
- Magnesium lauril sulfate
- Piroctone olamina
- Propylene glycol
- Phenoxiethanol
- Propilparaben
- Sorbic acid
- Udercylenic acid
- Tea salicylate
- Hedta
- Laureth -2
- Coccamidopropyl betaine
- Methylisothiazolinone
- Origanum vulgare
- Cinnamomum zeylanicum
- Betula alba



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