Suitable to re-establish the hair and the scalp normal physiological balance. Its gentle non-delipiding action allows a very frequent use. The non-aggressive substances this shampoo contains, allow minimizing any possible irritation. During each washing, sG antioxidazing agents prevent the onset of lipoperoxydes while conferring a vital and healthy look, while gradually eliminating excessive greasiness in a selective way. It eliminates static electricity and makes setting and styling easier.



At the beginning, use sG three times a week or follow the professional's advice. Apply an appropriate amount of product on wet hair, massage softly and then drench with water to rinse. Repeat if necessary.



- Ammonium lauril sulfate
- Magnesium lauril sulfate
- Piroctone olamina
- Propylene glycol
- Phenoxiethanol
- Propilparaben
- Sorbic acid
- Undercylenic acid
- Schermosan Tea salicylate
- Hedta
- Laureth -2
- Coccamidopropyl betaine
- Carboxymethyl cistine
- Citric acid
- Tallowamine oxid
- Tea-abietoy colagene
- Methylisothiazolinone
- Citrus limonum
- Cupressus semperiverens
- Lavandula augustifolia



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